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I want to advance my new project called ''REVERSE PERSPECTIVE’’,a new vision on the perspective and a new approach,in the classical perspective , albertian , optical center where gather all lines run outlook it symbolizes God , as it is try to imagine the man . In reverse perspective, the lines run opposite gather somewhere down in the image or in the around the center of the paper , describe god as he let the man found
! I have replaced in the optical center , especially symbolic, of the universe plastic god to MAN FULLY that the like the creator , let discovered by man , the man under the weather , relatively, vulnerable ! Not only god , metaphysical or mystery must be deciphered (read) , or possess '' ability '' to be left found , but rather the man ! The Man peripheral wich is at the edge of the circle,seek, looking toward reunion optical rays point, toward MAN actually ! And FULLY MAN , centered , left found by the man there is at the different radial distances by him , in different gnoseological stages .

Artist Exhibitions

-Group Exhibition in the School of ART-PITESTI [2000]

- Baiulescu House-'Timeless dimensions' - Brasov [2002]

-Brasov County Library - 'Limitation-Or how longer possible metaphysical painting'' [2004]

-CLUB 'N’spire'-Brasov [2004]

-Brasov County Library,'' MELANHOLIA '' [2008]

- Literally Coffee house 'INSOMNIA'-Cluj-Napoca [2009]

-Brasov French Media Library - ''REVERSE PERSPECTIVE'' [2013]

-ILLUSTRATION literary supplement of the journal'' Astra'' Brasov, NR.1/2-2012

-ILLUSTRATION Magazin'' Vatra veche'' Tg Mures, NR.12/2013

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