Artist Statement -

Tomas Castaño was born in Santander (Spain) in 1953. From a young age shows a special inclination towards drawing, but until the age of 17 years he does not take the first brushes and start painting. Self-taught, Tomas carved himself, based on determination and enthusiasm. He has a realistic style, his paintings are very well drawn and he also worries for the composition and perspective of his works. He is a landscape artist but characterized by his architectural work.

His work is characterized by a serene and poetic realism, which translates the artist's delight when he paints streets of old quarters, antique buildings and facades with tradition. His paintings catch the magic of the aesthetics of the antiques, and transmit all the warmth and humanization of unprocessed environments by modern life.

He has shown his work in group exhibitions in several countries such as Germany, Netherlands, USA, France, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Korea and numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain. Tomas Castaño works represented Cantabria in the Florence Biennale in the 2005 edition.
His work is recognized by the distinctive style and ambience that he creates in finishing his series of old taverns.

His work is in the following public collections.

Hotel Central, Santander, Spain
Hotel Palacio de Mar, Santander, Spain.
Castro Urdiales City Townhall, Castrourdiales, Spain
Villanueva de Villaescusa City Townhall, Villanueva de Villaescusa, Spain.
CC.OO Headquarters, Santander, Spain.

His works are in private collections of Spain, France, Puerto Rico, USA, Costa Rica and Korea.

In 2012 he was invited by The General Electric Company, USA to take part of the exhibition GE's 2012 Hispanic Heritage Month Art Exhibition.
He was invited by the Bellarte Gallery Seoul-Korea to participate in the Ibero-American Art Fair Seoul 2012 and 2013, showing his work along with works of the prestigious artists such as Fernando Botero, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Rufino Tamayo and Roberto Fabelo


1 al 31 de mayo 2015 ”La última década“ GALERIA LA ESPIRAL- JEREZ DE LOS CABALLEROS (Badajoz)
20 April - 16 May 2015 International Exhibition: 'Landscape and Memory'.JOHNSTON FARNHAM GALLERY
Cavan town (Ireland)
8 al 14 de junio “ LAOTRA Galería “ Cl. José Palafox 11-ZARAGOZA


19 a 27 de Septiembre-Project Berlin 2014 (Obra seleccionada)
19 de Agosto al 19 de Septiembre "ARTE ESPAÑOL" Museo de Arte de Ploiesti-Rumanía
Junio-Julio Obra seleccionada XXI Bienal Cangas No Morrazo- Pontevedra
4 a 30 de Abril- Fiarte V Edición- Churriana de la Vega- Granada
4 a 30 de Abril- Sala RRM- Madrid
28 Mar a 12 de Abril- Feria Internacional. De Arte de Granada
12 Feb a 1 de Mar. – Galeria Montsequi- Madrid
20 al 26 de enero .CARAVAN STATION –Santander


12 Dic. A 15 de Enero – Sala RRM- Madrid
30 Oct a 3 Nov.2013- Ibero-American Art Fair - Hamgaram Art Museum - SEOUL-KOREA
Sep-Nov. 3 Mostra PORTO 2013
EX-POSITION 2013 -Maia- PORTO (Portugal).
ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ Foundation - colectiva “La Ciudad”- Madrid, Spain.
DEARTE – Medinacelli – Soria, Spain.
Plural Out Project - Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal).
Vivearte 2013 – Art Gallery María Nieves Martín-Villafranca de los Barros-Badajoz, Spain.Ibero American Contemporary Art-Ara Art- Seoul-Korea.

Ibero-American Art Fair - Hamgaram Art Museum - Seoul, Korea.
EMMA Art Gallery -“Paisajes Urbanos” Tomás Castaño and Emilio Sotomayor, Madrid, Spain.
V Ruta de l'ART - Castelló d'Empuries (Girona) Spain.
19ème Salon des Arts Visuels de Poitiers – France.
GE's 2012 Hispanic Heritage Month Art Exhibition. Fairfield, Ct (USA).
KONTRASTE Art Gallery - Westfalia (Erwitte-Horn)-Germany.
Colectiva "Bienvenidos" - Goyart Art Gallery – Madrid, Spain.
Colorida Gallery – Lisboa, Portugal.
Este Art Gallery – Santander, Spain.
2ª Mostra de Porto, Porto – Portugal.
Second Festival Internacional D'Art de " Hauts Du Val de Saône" France.
ARTERIA Gallery-Monzón, Huesca, Spain.
FIARTE-Granada, Spain.
Cultural ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ Zaragoza, Spain.
Goyart Art Gallery Madrid, Spain.


NADAL D'ART Nuriart Art Gallery- Alcanar – Tarragona, Spain.
Feria Internazionale de Agrigento / Sicilia, Italy.
Palazio de Villa Barile Caltanisstta / Sicilia.Italy.
Colectiva GOYART -AAPGA – Zaragoza, Spain.
Colectiva Veranearte Sharon Gallery- León, Spain
Obras seleccionadas Premio ciudad de Palencia- Fundación Díaz Caneja, Palencia, Spain.
Castellón en Arte II Edición- Castellón de la Plana, Spain
AEDAL Art Space, Valencia, Spain.
Este Art Gallery “Pequeñas Joyas del Realismo” , Santander, Spain.


De Cal y Canto-Homage to Rafael Alberti-Cultural Center Alcazaba. Mérida, Spain.
XVII Salón Visual de las Artes- Poitiers, France.
San Antón Art Gallery- Pamplona, Spain.
Kromatikamente Parlando Forte Michelangelo di Civitavecchia- Roma, Italy.
Castellón en Arte – Castellón de la Plana, Spain.
De Cal y Canto – Homage to Rafael Alberti – Ateneo de Cáceres, Cáceres, Spain.
Montsequi Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Colectiva 20x20 Este Art Gallery, Santander, Spain.
Hesperia-Pomezia Gallery – Roma, Italy.

Art Vs Walls – Berlin, Germany.
II Ruta del Arte – Castelló d’Empuries-Girona, Spain
“Remembranzas” Sharon Art Gallery – León, Spain
Palacio del Rey- San Vicente de la Barquera, Spain
Art22 Girona Art Gallery, Girona, Spain.
Art Fair and Spanish Products – WINEART- Berlin, Germany
Fivars Galleries, Paris, France.
beART/CABE – Monzón Huesca, Spain.
Colectiva de invierno Este Art Gallery-Santander, Spain.

Art Fair Mint Green. New Delhi-India
II Art Fair ARTZ – Zaragoza, Spain.
Espacio36 Art Gallery- Zamora, Spain
Akros Art Gallery Bilbao, Spain
Colectiva de Verano Sharon Ar Galleryt-León, Spain
“Añoranzas” Hotel Palacio del Mar-Santander, Spain
Fermoselle y Los Arribes- Centro de interpretación de Los Arribes - Casa del Parque-Fermoselle (Zamora), Spain
Exposición en la Cumbre Mundial del Agua-Expo Zaragoza 2008, Zaragoza. Spain
Wineries Fariña-Toro (Zamora) – Obras seleccionadas III Certamen “El primero del Año”, Zamora, Spain.
Artear Art Gallery- Zaragoza, Spain
Art Gallery San Vicente-S.Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), Spain.
Este Art Gallery,Santander, Spain.

ArtZ 2007 – Zaragoza Art Fair, Zaragoza, Spain
III Muestra Internacional de pintura “Patios de Córdoba” Hotel Averroes-Sala de Arte (Córdoba), Spain
Este Art Gallery-Santande, Spain.r
Sharon Art Gallery– León, Spain
ALTEA Art Gallery- Madrid, Spain.
Feria Internazionale di Arte Agrigento, Sicily, Italy.
1 Meeting of Realistic painting – Gélida , Barcelona, Spain.
FOURNIER Art Gallery-Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
International Art Fair of Monzon, Monzon, Huesca, Spain
1 Meeting of Realistic Painting – Olessa, Barcelona, Spain
MARZIART Art Gallery – HAMBURG, Germany.
PADEQUART Art Gallery-RIBES DE FRESER , Girona, Spain.

PUIGCERDA Art Gallery-Puigcerdá-Girona, Spain.
LA ESTELA DE CANTABRIA Art Gallery-Santander, Spain
SHARON Art Gallery- León, Spain.
SALVI ARTE Gallery-Gijón , Spain.
Madrid Independent Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.
Sala Castro Cultural Center La Residencia-Castro Urdiales, Spain.
Galerrry Arte Espacio 1029- Palermo Soho- Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colectiva Amigos del Realismo-Castillo del Rey-San Vicente de la Barquera, Spain
“Desde la Hispania”-Romania Embassy ,ROMA, Italy
II Contemporary Art Fair of Arevalo, Avila, Spain.
ARTERIA 2005- Monzón Art Fair, Monzon, Huesca, Spain
Aires Art Gallery, Córdoba, Spain.
Esart Art Gallery , Barcelona, Spain
Casa de la Provincia-Buenos Aires (Argentina)
L’Atelier Art Gallery, -Olot , Girona, Spain.

Santiago Casar Art Gallery-Santander, Spain.
Infantas Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
III Salón Internacional ACEA`S, Barcelona, Spain.
Colectiva Amigos del Realismo – Castillo de Santa Ana – Roquetas de Mar, Spain
I Contemporary Art Fair of Arevalo, Avila, Spain.
Colectiva Amigos del Realismo – Museo de las Claras – Plasencia, Spain

“Kyoto Mugen-ten “ Nishi-Honganji. Kyoto, Japan
Nouvelles Tendances Figuratives-Galeries Artitude, Paris, France
International Art Fair of La Hague, La Hague, Holland
“Annta Art Gallery” – Madrid, Spain II

Junio 2014- Obra seleccionada XXI Bienal Cangas No Morrazo- Pontevedra
2011 Finalist work Prize Ciudad de Palencia of Artistic Creation.
2011 1st prize AEDAL ( Asociación de Emprendedores de las Artes y las Letras)-Valencia
2008 1 st prize III prize “El primero del año”- Fariña Wineries-Toro, Zamora,
2004 1st Prize Figuración Núcleo Urbano- XIV Saló Internacional d’Arts Plástiques Acea’s- Barcelona
2004 1 st Prize XXV Certamen Nacional de Pintura del Ayto. de Villanueva de Villaescusa

Artist Exhibitions

Tomas Castano has been selected as a finalist artist REVOLUTION ART TAIPEI 2016 Grand Prix.

Result of the 2016 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

This is a moment to celebrate for Taiwan now has the honor to take a look at the artworks of the best thriving artists from around the world. There are estimated 4,058 pieces of artworks submitted for the 2016 International Artist Grand Prize Competition created by artists from 73 different countries. The numbers talk. Not only is this tremendous feedback a huge triumph for the artists who now have the opportunity to introduce their work to the collectors in Taiwan, but also a great encouragement for Taiwan International Contemporary Association. The winner of this completion will get the chance to exhibit his/her artwork at the 2017 Art Revolution Taipei in two 9-meter square booths.

110 outstand in this extremely competitive contest and will be exhibited from 21st Apr until the 25th 2016 at Art Revolution Taipei. One of the finalists will be announced winner on 26th April. It is our upmost pleasure inviting you to join us and indulge yourself in this feast of fine art.


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Al Shaikh Aldaw, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{dancers-1485987408.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 2017
150 x 150.2 x 150 cm (10.6 x 8.7)

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