Artist Statement

As a writer and a poet, I've known for some time that my words are the wings of my emotions. However, as an artist I know that my abstract images are my emotions made manifest. I also know that art is and always has been the language of the soul. And I believe that it is through art that I can best communicate with my soul and spirit and your soul and spirit, and in so doing transform and grow beyond my limiting beliefs and struggles into absolute freedom.

All of the arts can be portals into the deepest and most remote aspects of who we really are. The Realm of art is music, dance, body movement, painting, drawing, design and architecture, sculpture, theater, writing prose or poetry, mythic ritual, and yes all of the highest and most aesthetic aspects of science, philosophy, and mathematics.

By risking whatever we must risk to leap through any of the many gateways of art and science, we give ourselves the gift of opportunity to awaken within us the long dormant languages of image and rhythm. These are experiential languages, like the language of touch.

Most of these languages are metaphors for expressing what is often inexpressible in words alone. In this way, we are invited by our soul to reawaken in our conscious mind the unconscious spiritual languages that have slept, and occasionally stirred, far too long in our hearts.

For the past 25 years I have been creating art which speaks directly to the emotions of anyone who is open to their own feelings.

Through continuous experimentation I have developed new ways to make images, new ways to apply pigment to surface using a number of esoteric (some would say alchemical) techniques. The best way for me to describe my work for now is to simply call it "mixed media".

Each original piece, with its rich color and sweep of line and form, is a unique expression of my emotional experience and creative vision at the time I create the image. I invite you now to take a visual voyage in your imagination by moving as deeply into these images as you like.

Limited edition, numbered prints, and very large murals (suitable for corporate or public art) are available in a variety of sizes as Giclee Prints. This is a high-resolution digital scanning and printing process.

Although the images seen over the Web on a high-quality, high-resolution, monitor can be breathtaking, they pale in comparison to the intensity and detail found in the limited edition prints.

Giuseppe Saitta
31 March 2002
Boise, Idaho

Artist Exhibitions

Currently on exhibit at Galleria Multigraphic, Venice, Italy.

Solo exhibits: Gallos Gallery, SoHo and Giuseppe's Cafes, Boise, Idaho.

Internet exhibit, Visionary Voyager Art Gallery,

Private collections in Rome, Italy, California, Texas,
Hawaii, Utah, and Idaho.

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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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