Artist Statement -

Artist’s statements have always seemed redundant to me. The work generally speaks for itself. But here goes..

For me it’s about shapes, color and lines interacting and relating to each other. Representational, abstract, non-objective they’re all the same. Light against dark, color against color, line intersecting line. I‘m as comfortable with super realism as I am with abstract expressionism.

Then, of course, there’s the medium. I love the paint. I love the act of painting. I love how it flows and how it takes on a direction on it’s own. It’s like magic. With one stroke something appears before your eyes that wasn’t there before. An image. An emotion. With each stroke or drip it changes. It’s an amazing experience. I highly recommend it.

And then there’s image. I am a visual artist. I‘m after strong images, images that evoke a feeling. Starkness, warmth, love, violence, emptiness, beauty, strength. I want the painting or drawing to stand on it’s own.

I am a painter. I cannot escape that fact. There have been times I‘ve tried but I always return. It’s not what I do. It’s what I am.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please sign my guest book or drop me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Artist Exhibitions

17th Annual Delta Arts Exhibition
Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock

18th Annual Delta Arts Exhibition
Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock

Tennessee All-State Artists Exhibition
Parthenon Gallery, Nashville

Germantown Arts Alliance Spring into Arts
Great Hall, Germantown

Greater Memphis Arts Council Offices
8 South Third, Memphis

FedexForum Executive Suite Level

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Artist Collections

Cathy Ann Smith, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Kristee Dunn, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Susan Mchaney, Drummonds, Tennessee, USA
Kaye & Denny Young, Germantown, Tennessee, USA
Paula & Don Brown, Germantown, Tennessee, USA
Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell Berkowitz, Memphis, Tennessee USA
Donna & Mark Glover, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Terinell & Robert Tisdale, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Barby Perlberg, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Dr. Margaret A. Newman, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Vickey & Frank Bryan, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Jane & Charles Speed, Germantown, Tennessee, USA
Laura Nevins, Collierville, Tennessee, USA
Suzanne & George Elder, Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Elizabeth & Mike Hewgley, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Amber & Bill Weaver, Dallas, Texas, USA
Arden Herrington, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Michael Lassiter, Roswell, Georgia, USA
Bessie & Bobby Pugh, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Amy & Bob Radford, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Barbara & Jay Wilcox, Leesburg, VA, USA
Pam & Dr. Marlin Hicks, Cowan, Tennessee, USA
Scott Sargent, Memphis, Tennessee, USA...

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