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Yuri Samsonov received the basics of professional art education in his hometown of Leningrad, who was born there in 1961. His place of study was the restoration school, and the artist began his creative activity already in the late eighties. In 1977, Yuri Samsonov became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, where his first personal exhibition The Artist, which opened in the spring of 2013, took place.

Each work of Yuri Samsonov is an impromptu, he never alters or tweaks them. He writes a lot, but it turns out to be a small part presented to the public. On one painted picture, he spends about as much time as it takes to dry the paint. This is the creative principle of an artist working in the style of abstract expressionism. The main thing in this technique of painting and drawing was work that was extremely spontaneous, performed exclusively under the influence of a momentary mood, an emotional state that had arisen.
The main rule of work of artists when using this style is the absence of any rules applied in classical painting.

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