A Persian Tableau Rug Other By Sina Gholizadeh

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Artist Sina Gholizadeh. 'A Persian Tableau Rug' Artwork Image, Created in 2021, Original Other. #art #artist
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Sina Gholizadeh


A Persian Tableau Rug

Size - (USA):
60 W x 80 H x 0 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
23.6 W x 31.5 H x 0.0 D (inches)
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Artwork Description:

this product takes six to one year to weave 70silk..30wollTableau Rug A Persian Tableau Rug or Pictorial Rug , is an ornamental rug specially for hanging on room and hall walls for decoration. The designs and samples on pictorial carpets are completely different from those on common floor rugs. Silk is the main material of fine quality pictorial rugs, but they also use wool as well. Tableau rugs have usually frames to sell and use. Persian Pictorial Rugs People weave Persian pictorial rugs exactly the same way as Persian rugs during the past 2500 years. Due to this fact, there is no difference in quality. But the design and the rug density are the main differences. Picture carpets usually show historical Persian legends or customs, beautiful landscapes, a basket full of flowers and finally Persian miniature. Persian miniatures are the most famous among the others. Comparing the paintings, tableau rugs are masterpiece of art. Because every detail is woven and knotted by hand instead of being painted
Artwork Keywords:   Tableau Rug , Original Other
Materials:   Other Types Of Art

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