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Since 1995 World Wide Arts Resources/ has offered great opportunities to visual artists. Our active artists excell and have successful artistic careers. You may want to start with an artist website to promote, showcase, sell and market your art. Of course, you will always decide how much effort you want to put into promoting, showcasing and selling your artwork.

Be realistic and don't just park your art online - use the tools we offer. Be an excellent artist -- not just in the studio -- but also by learning to promote, market and sell your original art! You may already know all that; then use our tools to expand your opportunities. We provide different levels and different educational opportunities to all artists - you choose what is right for you!

You can upgrade to the midlevel or even the Premiere Level whenever you want to. First, learn about the effectiveness of online artist portfolios. We bring together artists, galleries, collectors and of course buyers! Our emphasis is to showcase, promote and sell your quality original artwork to clients worldwide. We also offer every artist the opportunity to sell their art as fine art prints, gallery canvas prints through our print on demand system.

Your commitment and artistic professionalism will play a large role in your success. We offer you the tools to excell your artistic career. Choose 'em and use 'em at absolutearts!

What artists are saying about absolutearts

Walter King
I get so much more traffic and exposure here at absolutearts compared to my own website. I am moving all my artwork here.

Patricia Wood
Thanks absolutearts for getting me the exposure. Now I have real gallery representation as well.

Dan Clarke has been a super pleasure to work with........the marketing and features in the Premiere Artist Portfolio program are OUTSTANDING. All sales have been handled professionally and promptly. The added feature of the credit card service gives a lot of service and security to the customer. In short, WWAR is my main business webpage; I'm dumping all others!

Laurie Vaughn
As you and your staff at, have been extremely supportive of my endeavors, bringing enhanced visibility to my efforts, I must thank you, from the depths of my spirit. I commend you so highly, for all that you are doing, to promote the creative aspirations, of artists all over the planet. Your astute vision, expertise and intellect, combined with your untiriing efforts, have contributed to the civilisation of all mankind, by providing this venue, for us to share and become one, through your inspiration. From the moment that I became a Premiere Portfolio artist, my career took off, and never stopped, it's upward trajectory.
Thank you for believing in me.

Sylvanna "on behalf of Nausher Banaji",
I find the online sale very efficient. The sales were smooth with no hassles and no complicated procedures, payment was on time and you are very professional and pleasant to work with, can't ask for more!!

Russell Bentley,
I have been very pleased with my Premier Portfolio for the past year, it played a major part in three sales, two giclee prints and one original acrylic painting, one of the giclee print sales was handled thru a credit card on line purchase, I was very impressed with the way it was handled, and so was the customer.