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Volodymyr Kuchmuk  'Emanations Of Thoughts', created in 2017, Original Other.
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Volodymyr Kuchmuk


Emanations Of Thoughts

Not For Sale
Size - (USA):
3.3 W x 1.2 H x 0 D (m)
Size - (metric):
10.83 W x 3.94 H x 0.00 D (feet)
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Artwork Description:

Emanations of thoughts in the dark sea of awareness This is the name of the presented painting-gallery. Among the incredible number of different kinds of collectors, perhaps, the collectors of paintings, who are interested in individual paintings, are most popular, and equip them in the gallery. This work has a rather long history, but try to introduce new ideas to the established rules of this type of collecting and present a picture-gallery. That is, a work composed by one idea, composed of separate paintings by different artists from different regions of Ukraine. Pictures that were found and purchased through free ad sites. It is clear that the first thought is about modular paintings. But usually one author in these paintings, one idea. Picture-gallery is best to create from the works of abstract art: these are the pictures most of them are exempt from the established rules. In this sense, the work of amateurs has a special interest in collecting. Although, this does not preclude the creation of picture-galleries according to all academic rules. The main thing is that the image of the selected product has a tendency to go beyond the bounding framework of the canvas. When creating a picture-gallery, the main thing is that all the pictures are exempted from the framework, thus moving into the original state of the soul of the artist when they are created. Then the collector has the opportunity to express his own personality, combining the various designs of different creative people in their own designs. He himself goes into the state of the emanator. This is a kind of analogy of the orchestra in music, where the collector plays the role of conductor it is a kind of analogy of construction, where he plays the role of architect and commander. Another interesting fact is that the size of the paintings is different, so the addition of these puzzles into one whole becomes an additional task of the composition. Another feature is that the picture-gallery is being changed in the process of working on it: pictures can take different places depending on the paintings themselves and the general idea of the composition. In addition, the size of the picture-gallery itself can be limited only to the surface allocated to it. That is, work can be in perspective development. Presented: The composition of the Emanations of thoughts in the dark sea of awareness also has prospects for improvement, but there is a certain amount of work for understanding emanatoryism. In this gallery-picture 120x334cm in size, 32 works were used. When buying paintings, not all sellers reported the names and author names and the names of the paintings. The following are known: Golotov A., Zhigulin A., Karvats’ka N., Kropiva T., Kuchmuk V., Lobanova A., Lyubimtseva A., Lyahovchuk T., Mezenina I., Prikhodko Yu., Romankova O., Sumchenko M. , Supilenko P. , Timoshenko M., Shigarov Yu., Shevchuk K. Geography: Vinnytsya, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv, Lviv, Mariupol, Nova Kakhovka, Obukhiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chornomors ke, Yuzhne. It would be desirable for this composition to become a part of the continuation of genuine Ukrainian futurism: the works of David and Volodymyr Burliuk, Sonia Delone, Alexandra Exter, Alexander Bogomazov, Oleksandr Archipenko and many other Ukrainian creators, whose creativity is intrusively attributed to and interpreted in a non-Ukrainian information field.
Keywords:   Original Other, Abstract Other
Materials:   Other Types Of Art

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