Ghosts Of Kinky Sex Past Painting By T. Smith

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Artist T. Smith. 'Ghosts Of Kinky Sex Past' Artwork Image, Created in 2002, Original Painting Oil. #art #artist
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T. Smith


Ghosts Of Kinky Sex Past

Size - (USA):
36 W x 60 H x 2 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
91.4 W x 152.4 H x 5.1 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

This painting was done from two different photographs that I shot and combined together. The background of the bedroom is of a cheap motel room from my birthplace of North Tonawanda, N. Y. with an interior circa 1960. The bedspread was the exact same kind that I had on my bed as a child. The second image of the figures are mannequins taken from a mannequin supply store in St. Petersburg, Florida, another place that I had lived. This painting explores deep family, personal and sexual feelings. The mannequins were taken exactly as they were. They were actually pieces of mannequins and positioned with one torso standing up and the other standing protectively behind. The arms and legs are askew and disconnected. One figure is looking down and the other gazing into the distance. They are naked. The figure in the front is more delicate and vulnerable. The one in back, although also nude, stares out defiantly. I am interested in the patterns and repeating shapes, particularly circular. There are 3 main circles in the bedspread pattern echoed by the 3 rounded shapes of the mannequin heads and the mirror above the bed. In addition to the circular shapes, the elongated rectangle is reflected twice and there are three very strong horizontal lines that break the painting into two. There are three strong right angles echoing one anotherthe piece of doorframe reflected in the mirror, the section of table to the right of the bed and the portion of lampshade. This painting is also about duality. The illumination of the lamp and the dark monochrome of the mirror represent two sides of consciousness. The bottom figures skull is divided into two sections through the strong outline of the pillows suggesting the physical split of the corpus-callosum and that of left brain/right brain. There is also a shadowy indentation of the weight of past heads lain across the pillows. The number two is further symbolized by the two distinct sections of the painting, the two worlds of hard bed reality and a more ethereal one, the two figures, the feelings of adult and child and the two states of present experience and past memory all co-existing together. The title of this work is from my feelings regarding an intense relationship in which I felt the weight of prior associations very strongly. Symbolically, there are always the ghosts of former lovers in bed. The unusual postures, nakedness and suggestion of sado-masochism in the bodily fragments represent this. Another underlying emotional theme is one of duplicity and concealment. Technically, I wanted to make the figures substantial due to the emotional weight they were carrying but also have them be transparent within the setting. It was important to have the top mannequins face blend into the pattern as she is emerging from the wall as if observing furtively. I strove to make the values of the mannequins as close to that of their backgrounds so they would melt away. The value properties in this piece are very important and in low light the top mannequins face disappears into the background wallpaper. She literally becomes a fly on the wall observing everything but going undetected. There are two symbols formed in the composition that have inherent meaninginfinity and 00, which is a genealogical symbol for married. The symbols are the underlying structure of the composition. Because of the delicate coloration and subtle value changes, this painting is best viewed with a spot light.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Painting
Materials:   Oil Paintings

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