The Search And The Rescue OPOSSUM FAMILY RELOCATES Photography By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'The Search And The Rescue OPOSSUM FAMILY RELOCATES' Artwork Image, Created in 2011, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen



Size - (USA):
16 W x 20 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
40.6 W x 50.8 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

.. by the time we had returned from the round and reached the Opossum female and her 'kids' .. she had turned again.. raised up on her legs - heavy with the youngsters clinging to her body.. tails and all.... awkward looking to me, but surely.. moving back in direction, she had just fifteen minutes before refused to continue on.. does she still have the five.. I mentioned to Pauline.. and we counted.. several times.. since the little ones moved around.. Only FOUR !!.. Ohh noo.. where is the Fifth?.. maybe behind on other side.. we tried to see.. and still not get the mother Opossum anxious... too much unvolunteered 'attention'already.... where could the Fifth have gotten off?.. our eyes scanned the top of wall.. nothing.. 'hearts' dropped.. where could the little one be.. he can't have gotten far.. lets scan along bottom of wall.. and I looked down.. straight into a white teethed hiss.. of the cutest face in the whole wide world.. oh my goooosh.. THERE he is.. Look.. What.. How.. is he going to get up there.. and we are not supposed to pick up and move animal babies.. so the mother can get back for it.. and Pauline bent down.. swiftly and gently grabbed the little 'critter' and.. What are You going to do... I am putting him where he belongs, she said calmly.... walked after the moving ahead Mom Opossum and stuck the little, still hissing Baby onto its Moms Fur close to her neck.... and ohhh that was an instant cling.. Pauline tugged him a little more into place.. since the other ones got all kind of 'tight' in a row.. but safely they were clinging .. and she stepped back.. and looked at me, with her beautiful warm bluegray eys.. clear as waters.. I still recall.. and.. THAT should DO it.. she beamed.. smiling.. AHHH.. noooo... the tiniest of all had slipped off now.. running after Mom in strides.. .. And it came to me.. Picture!!! I had all forgotten about the camera.... .. Gheeeze................... Captured the little one though.. and he made it.. Clung tight!! soon as he reached above her strong tail.. because his Mom slowed down.. and had to lay down for a rest too.... One more thing.. still not solved.. the family of Opossums moved to area with brightest exposure to sun.. was getting hotter.. and hotter.. Wonder.. where she intends to go to.. how about 'guiding her.. Pauline mentioned in a certain tone.. maybe.. water first.. she has been in the heat a while.. while the Opossum female.. layed down to rest again.. Pauline put out her hand.. GIVE me Your water bottle.. I gave it to my friend.. we talked to Opossum Mom.. when Pauline came right next to her.. she changed her ears.. and softly hissed.. Warning sign, Pauline.. I will try anyways, she said softly.. and poured just a little bit in the female Opossums open front of mouth.. right between those little sharp looking white teeth.. watch it!!.. A bit more.. Pauline said.. a tiny 'swig'..'At least she did not gag'.. and Opossum got up.. on her four.. looked much 'taller' now.. and started a slow gallopp.. There's a Pine tree.. You keep behind her.. and I guide her to it, Pauline advised.. DO it Now.. Opossum wanted to turn again.. SHE's not going to listen to me, I mentioned.. noticing the determination of the animal .. loaded with her Five Babies.. 'Just guide her...' I'll take my hat.. so I held the hat in back of her pretty strong tail, still in the straight.. her head looking back to see for turn.. and .. she went where Pauline was.. kept going.. slower, approaching Pauline.. who held up a branch with needles.. after Opossum Family had passed it.. Pauline gently let go.................. checked again, just to make sure.. and then..'They will not find her here'... And right she was... it looked.. as if they never have been 'there'...... :-))) We both felt relief........... still looking back continuing our walk..2 more rounds to finish.. the young people with the three bigger dogs passed us.. and 'anxiety' grabbed us again.. dogs.. have great 'Noses'... what if.. so we stopped.. and waited.. the dogs sniffed the whole area.. specially, where the little Opossum had been on the ground.. but after an anxious while for Pauline and I.. they continued their route.. and so.. did we................. ======================================= add: I will edit tomorrow.. ++ size for uploading purpose only.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Photography
Materials:   Color Photographs

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