Artist Statement -

Reality meets myths. Personal visual impressions of chosen English gardens ... lately also Mediterranean seaside, are coming together in imaginative collages and alchemic transformation.

. Sensitive to the environment as well as to human interactions and expressions … it all translates into visual myths …

. Not only travels between geographical points, but also a thirst for such trips in the mind through myths and readings of initiatic rituals of metamorphosis, infiltrated as well my art of painting. At the end, every archetype (for example Heliogabalus, Persephone and Artemis) and every movement reaches back to the source of rhythm and scales … creating a personal mythology … and so … I understand my self and the world after each painting is done … by a hypersensitive process and not a premeditated rational plan. The seasons or the elements and their rhythm are interwoven with my vision of human soul and the soul of the sea …

Artist Exhibitions

Future exhibitions:
in 2015
with kind invitation by Fred Mitchiel - Bozar de l'Abattoir : in two exhibitions, GLOBAL ART VILLAGE Amara hoeve, Oosterdijk 3 Bergen N-H, The Netherlands opening 10-10-2015, closing party the 25th of october. next Bozar de l'Abattoir: opening 11 December address Rue de l'Abattoir 34 Belgium, near BRUXELLES

in 2015
in Vienna 25 Sept-30 Oct members group exhibition with personal catalogs to present our recent art projects, and one print of a work each member artist, in the exhibitions space of I G Bildende Kunst, Kumpendorferstrasse, 1016 Vienna/Austria.

also street art in Dec, Jan in Paris.

My past exhibitions:
in 2015
in Vienna 1-15 March. group exhibition "undicht"-leaky", no title, 15-16 April, art flea-market 1-16 June ... all in Gallery Blumentopf, Martinstrasse 74 A-1018, Wien (Vienna/Austria).

in 2014 in Vienna in 2 group exhibitions. in Paris, Street Art in Marais AIDS awareness.

In 2012 in Vienna

16 January group of 3, in Unglaublich, ex freihaus Schleifmühlgasse 7 1040 Vienna/Austria

54th Biennal di Venezia, collateral event in a pavilion in Giudecca, by invitation, part of a group of 9 artists, and Duration: 3 September to 15 December 2011------------------- Exhibition to continue then in Zürig Exhibition in okt 2011 in London musik and paintings

2010: 25 May - 1 June with new paintings I am in a group exhibition in the Festival of St Stephens, Gloucester Road South Kensington London UK

2009: 'quintessential color', group exhibition in Agora Gallery 530 W 25th Street Chelsea New York NY 10001 March 21 - April 10 2009 with exhibition catalogue March 26, 6.00 pm reception party in the gallery tel 212-226-4151

'Traces of Memory', Group exhibition in Castello d'Este, art museum Ferrara, Italy, Gallery Trevisan Arte.
29 Nov - 7 December 2008 with exhibition catalogue

26 Aug - 2 Sept 2008 'SYNESTESIE' International Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art,in CAMAVER KUNSTHAUS/Lallihome, in Varena, lago di Como / Italy

Personal exhibitions in Graz and Vienna in Austria in the early 1980s
with variety of thematic, oil on canvas and watercolour collages on paper of my own drawings. They are in the kind of collage - fantastic realism, the surreal movement of Vienna at the begining of the 20eth century. Very thin painting, drawing with thin brashes. All paintings in private collections. Later on i will show you some if I find the slides and scan them.

Personal exhibition in Athens, Greece, 1986 in Art Gallery H. Egonopoulos, in Colonaki, at the feet of Lykabetos (or St George's Hill).
Theme: dance scenes and dance myths. mostly large oil on canvas and some small watercolour sketches. Opening party with dance performance by Toula Vlachou, my dance teacher in the Karl Orff school in Athens and a friend playing the celtic harp.
All paintings are in private collections.

Solo exhibition 1992 in Bologna, Italy in Galelria GRAFFIO, of the Laboratory for grafic experiments of M Leoni and D Whitman, via S Apollonia 25, 40100 Bologna.
Theme: Alchemy. Abstract multimedia compositions. I will show them here later on. Some are in private collections.

Solo exhibition 1993 in Vienna with dance performance by Sylvia Scheidl at the opening party. Theme: In front of the mirror (Im Spiegel) Large paintings oil on canvas. Some in private collection. Paintings and dance photos to show here later on.


Exhibitions with groups of women artists in Graz and Vienna among which one in the Vienna festival in the late 1980s with title 'Sex und Macht'

Exhibition with theme 'Peace' in a large group of painters in Vienna and for two years around Europe, 1982-3

Paintings published as full pages in the magazine for women's arts 'Eva und co' published in Graz, Austria.

Published critics in news papers in Athens, Graz, Vienna and Bologna.

2007 Group exhibition in Marziart Gallery, Hamburg/Germany
reviews in local publications and absolutearts.

2008 Group exhibition of digital reproductions of paintings in Studio Gallery NY/NY/USA

1)'path in the subconscious'; compositions with elements of memories and the actual environment by free association, keys to unravel the labyrinth ... latest and future paintings in a wild manner free hand abstracted figurative and neo-expressionistic ...mixed media on canvas

2) Proposed Solo exhibition for Gallery to be found:
Theme: The 4 Seasons
Temporary title: 'Red leaf, Janus and cool summer nights'

- Into a texture of the 4 Seasons, I am weaving experiences, sensations and mythical visions.
Through old traditions and personal inventions, interpretations and collage of fragmental images, i try to follow the thread of my life.
I change, I detect changes in the form of my life, I am spectator of a continual act of transformation in my environment. I observe and document the different forms as they are born the one out of the other; I witness the transitional cycle of the 4 Elements.
These observations, documented in photography, collage and painting, are part of a process that started in the spring time a year ago, and continues until I feel that I completed this cycle of artistic expression.
- There are complete works and works that are still only in the mind, drawings and paper collages out of my personal only work of darwings and own photographic stock.
- Architectural elements, both their realistic images and their symbolic metaphor, are vehicles of messages and links of passages between the various phases.
- The human figure speaks through its shape and its choreographic pose and gesture.
- Architecture, plants, cats and people, in their abstracted and yet figurative presence in my paintings and digital photo-collages,offer themselves both to direct physical interpretations as well as metaphors to the spiritual travels of my mind.
- I do my paintings in solitude, but through the common concerns and expectations I am together with all these invisible friends, some of which get to see my paintings.
- I think that experiencing the 4-Seasons-life-cycle of the plants, the ritual symbols and myths and the related expressive movements of the dancers, we get insight in the essence of our life, our existence and our perpetual death and resurection in body and soul.

3) Theme:
with reference to London and surroundings. Watercolour cartoon style and fantastic realism; a bit of history and philosophic meditation illustrates the pictures.
Gallery: to be established.

I am creating these series right now!
Invitations by galleries most welcome!


Print of all the originals also available. ...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Rui Duarte, Fashion Designer, Berlin, Germany
Robert Zoechling, Art Agent, Vienna, Austria
Mike Blumentopf, Galerist, Vienna, Austria
Irene Delalandre, Paris, France
Jean-Philippe Delalandre, Paris, France
Architect Dieter Bachhofner, Vienna, Austria
Carla Beccari, Architect, Carrara Italy
Phil D Marcus Kruse, Ohio, USA
Prince Sebastian von Fuerstenberg, Venice, Italy
Countess Giuseppina Nicastro, Swansea, United Kingdom
Architect Helmut Croce, Graz, Austria
Architect Ingo Klug, Graz, Austria
Artist Josef Kuehn, Vienna, Austria
Dr Candidus Cortolezzis, Graz, Austria
Art Historian Dr Ulli Jenni, Vienna, Austria
Solicitor Dr Ingrid Mitteregger, Vienna, Austria
Musician Gerald Seilinger, Vienna, Austria
Opera Singer and Vienna Opera House Director Johan Holender, Vienna, Austria
Gallerist Egonopoulos, Athens, Greece
Insurance broker F. Nicolo, Athens, Greece
Ballet Art Director and broadcaster Andreas Rikakis, Athens, Greece
Actor N.Kouros, Athens, Greece
Dental Surgent Dr Achille Eftimiou, Athens, Greece,
Architect Francis Andrew, London, United Kingdom

& other private collections in Athens, Graz and Vienna and Italy

Artist Favorites

 , , , Original Collage, size_width{no_smoke_in_her_eyes-1454675742.jpg} X
Original Collage, 2016
37 x 37 cm (14.6 x 14.6)
 , , , Original Collage, size_width{no_smoke_in_her_eyes-1454675742.jpg} X
Original Collage, 2016
37 x 37 cm (14.6 x 14.6)
Kees Van Eyck, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{natural_enemy-1481877606.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 1997
37 x 63 x 4 inches (14.6 x 14.6)
Kees Van Eyck, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{natural_enemy-1481877606.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 1997
37 x 63 x 4 inches (14.6 x 14.6)
Alina Suleimen, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{frankfurter_judengasse-1489413117.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 1998
25.5 x 28.3 x 1.5 inches (14.6 x 14.6)
Alina Suleimen, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{frankfurter_judengasse-1489413117.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 1998
25.5 x 28.3 x 1.5 inches (14.6 x 14.6)
Alkistis Wechsler, , , Original Mixed Media, size_width{assassino_perhaps-1488900662.jpg} X
Original Mixed Media, 2015
70 x 100 x 1 cm (14.6 x 14.6)
Vasco Kirov, , , Original Collage, size_width{cafe_collage_l1-1489139788.jpg} X
Original Collage, 2015
80 x 80 x 4 cm (14.6 x 14.6)