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Over 4367 works of original contemporary art for sale in the price range $500 - $599. On this page you can find works by Grace Auyeung, Eric Jacobson, Rita Levinsohn for the follwing mediums: 1. Links to more artwork and 151 pages for works in the price range $500 - $599 and links to further artists' works at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these visual artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio.

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Eric Jacobson: 'Octi-Square I', 2001 Mixed Media Sculpture, Other. This piece is made of steel and colored glass with patinaed copper elements. The elements are based on natural forms. ...
Other - Sculpture
22 x 22 inches (55.9 x 55.9 cm)
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Rita Levinsohn: 'Prey 2', 1997 Mixed Media, Abstract.
, 1997
Abstract - Mixed Media
25 x 35 inches (63.5 x 88.9 cm)
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    Grace Auyeung - Landscape painting is my artistic gravity, and I mainly use Chinese ink, colour and Xuan paper as media. I like to explore various techniques and styles, but I place strong emphasis on the use of lines to express my feelings and thoughts about the landscape I try to recreate. I see my art as a vision of my inner self and my spiritual self as well....

    Eric Jacobson - My work is influenced by a variety of sources from mandalas to contructivism "drawing in space" and nature: artists like David Smith, Mark Di Suvero, Miro, Picasso, etc. My current work incorporates brass tubing with mobiles and water. Some of these create sound as well. I have also created steel "frames", often octagonal that enclose a series of elements floating within this environment. I have been exploring the use of depth(perspective), color and balance in my work. I am very interested in the "layers" that make up each person's life history and mind, and therefore create layers in my sculpture to symbolize this. I often see things in the world as having an" inner and an outer", sometimes revealed to the world at large and sometimes hidden. This includes the human mind. People often keep parts of themselves hidden or protected even sometimes from themselves. Sometimes thes things are revealed in artwork. My sculptures also involve the relationship of the natural and man-made environments and the balance or imbalance between them....

    Rita Levinsohn - Welcome to my world of Other Realities. I am a painter of mystical figurative paintings and abstractions composed of acrylic paint and found objects. My concern is for the future of our planet. The animate and inanimate objects within the paintings reflect many incarnations. The message being that it is possible to create rather than destroy....