Dearling S Faces VAB MAY 7 2015 Sculpture By Luise Andersen

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Artist Luise Andersen. 'Dearling S Faces VAB MAY 7 2015' Artwork Image, Created in 2015, Original Fiber. #art #artist
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Luise Andersen


Dearling S Faces VAB MAY 7 2015

Not For Sale
Size - (USA):
6 W x 7 H x 5 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
15.2 W x 17.8 H x 12.7 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

** May 7, 2015- my daughter misses the one with the teeth.. but then.. several others to her place.. to satisfy my instant response in brain and core.. i changed the visage again.. the feel.. teeth.. area between nose and lips, who i also needed to change due to expression.. so the cheeks.. chin.. forehead.. and the nose i already had worked on last night.. i sculpt or draw or paint if i can find colors and paper etc. while i watch the old gentleman across me, in front of windows, on his hospital bed or chair.. wishing him to get much better than now, get independent more.. so I can 'allow myself' to do 'same'. .. sculpture grew a little too.. ***7777****
Artwork Keywords:   Original Sculpture
Materials:   Clay Sculptures

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