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Internal External

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Mark Porter Internal External 2009
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Mark Porter


Internal External



Size - (USA):
4 W x 3 H x 2.6 D (feet)
Size - (metric):
1.22 W x 0.91 H x 0.79 D (meters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   Internal/ External Materials: Aluminum, steel, plastic, pigmented/ fragranced soap water, air pump, nylon tubing Function: Expels a scented and colored soap mixture onto wall. A scented soap mixture is used for the mix. An aroma builds up which smells of artificial fragrance, which is similar, and also in contrast to the cold mechanical object which expels it. The object served as a demarcation machine. The soap mixture is expelled continuously slowly over an extended period of time. Soap bubbles form in the mixture. A thick sludge builds up on the wall and floor over a short period of time. Internal/External is an exploration of several themes including communication and personal expression. The red liquid stored internally within the machine becomes external as it is expelled onto the surface of the gallery wall. During the process of expulsion, the red liquid becomes another form as it is converted into a lather or soapy sludge that fills the air with a synthetic floral scent. This process is a metaphor for an idea that comes to fruition and the difference between what it was and what it has become once it is externalized.

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