Back 9 Oakmont Watercolor By Daniel Clarke

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Artist Daniel Clarke. 'Back 9 Oakmont' Artwork Image, Created in 2018, Original Drawing Graphite. #art #artist
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Daniel Clarke


Back 9 Oakmont



Size - (USA):
18 W x 12 H x 0.1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
45.7 W x 30.5 H x 0.3 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   For leisure the game that so many do play For a round of golf tis a beautiful day By the wide slow flowing river that crawls to the sea Men and women practice their strokes before their evening tea. As a boy I believed hobby golfers had easy jobs And that those who enjoyed golf were well to do snobs But such antiquated thinking not relevant today As all kinds of classes the game of golf play. A beautiful day for a beautiful game For most hobby golfers with no aspirations to fame After work they go to the golf course in the evening sun And play the eighteen holes for the sake of fun. Of the praises of golf everybody doesn t sing But for the participants a game without physical contact can be such a fun thing In the golf course by the river that to the sea crawl The crack of the iron on the stone hard golf ball.

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