Eastern Oregon Road Watercolor By Daniel Clarke

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Artist Daniel Clarke. 'Eastern Oregon Road' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Woodcut. #art #artist
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Daniel Clarke


Eastern Oregon Road

Size - (USA):
12 W x 18 H x 0.1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
30.5 W x 45.7 H x 0.3 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Looking out the window I was transfixed by the trees The outside edge of a vast forest It was autumn and I admired the various colors of the leaves I felt as if I were on pins and needles Preparing to go out and commune with nature As was the way with those of us blessed to live in Oregon I have always lived in Oregon Though I have traveled to many different forests Often I am struck by the difference in the leaves As I wander through my home away from home, nature Stopping often to examine the trees Crush and smell the needles There is nothing like the smell of fresh Fir needles When standing in a temperate rain forest Like the one we have here in Oregon Looking out across the tops of the trees Entranced by the turning Oak leaves Becoming one with the surrounding nature It is such a blessing to have a relationship with nature And fairly easy if one chooses to live in Oregon You needn’t have love for forests Or a desire to play amongst the leaves The eastern desert has Juniper needles And small scrub-brush trees The Oregon coast has wind-swept trees With branches stretched and tattered leaves We find the smell of pine when crushing these needles Along the Pacific in beautiful Oregon And while the difference is vast within nature It is all part of the greater Oregon forest I stood content, as a part of the forest Rooted to the spot I stood I became one with the trees Beneath me lay the softest bed of spruce needles I thought, “I am living as part of, and in tandem with, nature, this is what it is to be an Oregonian” I stretched out my fingers and they became as the leaves Contemplating Oregon and its various coniferous needles The natural beauty surrounded me like a thick stand of trees And the forest held me close, as if I were a freshly opened leaf
Artwork Keywords:   Oregon, Bend, Landscape, Green, Trees, Countryside, Farm, Farm House, Original Watercolor
Materials:   Watercolors

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