My Healting Journey By Darla Fisher Odjig Artistic Book By Darla Fisher Odjig

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Artist Darla Fisher Odjig. 'My Healting Journey By Darla Fisher Odjig' Artwork Image, Created in 2009, Original Artistic Book. #art #artist
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Darla Fisher Odjig


My Healting Journey By Darla Fisher Odjig



Size - (USA):
21 W x 21 H x 1 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
8.3 W x 8.3 H x 0.4 D (inches)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   Acton, ON (BOOK AVAILABLE) In a riveting poetic anthology, readers will be feasting their eyes on brilliant art while digesting riveting poetry. A refreshing healing is unleashed with the release of Darla Fisher-Odjigs new book published through Xlibris. Exceptional art and profound insights await readers in the gripping pages of My Healing Journey: A Walk in Two Worlds. In the book of poetry and prose, Fisher-Odjig hopes to touch the hearts of those who may not understand the long term affects of trauma. Medication and therapy are among the treatments for depression as the pains instilled by generations of struggle persist. The author shares in this anthology her belief that the best medicine is listening first to ones own heart, secondly, that no one is alone, and that it is possible to escape the nightmares associated with trauma. Throughout the engrossing pages, readers will experience poems that show many emotions and feelings brought about by those fears and nurtured by the Seven Grandfathers as applied toward a better understanding of a balanced value system within. With breathtaking art and poignant flow of words, My Healing Journey: A Walk in Two Worlds will introduce readers to an uplifting world where the solutions to all personal and social dilemmas are within reach. This book was made possible through an Ontario Arts Council grant. For more information, log on to www. darlafisher-odjig. com

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