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Emilio Merlina, Lucille Rella, Vranceanu Aurelian, Luis Guillermo Ramírez Ezquerra, Charles Conner offering original Optic artworks.

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Emilio Merlina: 'the bookmark', 2017 Optic, Fantasy. on cardboard...
Fantasy - Optic
11 x 28 cm (4.3 x 11.0 inches)
Lucille Rella: 'Silient Thoughts', 2010 Optic, Figurative.
Figurative - Optic
18 x 24 inches (45.7 x 61.0 cm)
Vranceanu Aurelian: 'night pulse', 2018 Optic, Landscape. Night pulse- oil on canvas- cityscape- impresionism romantic- 50x40cmm- created in 2018 - for info - tel +40764800326 or +40724633073 , mail radu_ aurel2004yahoo. com  facebook Radu Aurelian Exhibition...
Landscape - Optic
50 x 40 mm ( x )
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Luis Guillermo Ramírez Ezquerra: 'well come to the machine', 2008 Optic, Abstract.  form the series game over project against the war ...
Abstract - Optic
250 x 150 cm (98.4 x 59.1 inches)
Charles Conner: 'spawn', 2020 Optic, Abstract Figurative. Unframed...
, 2020
Abstract Figurative - Optic
14 x 11 inches (35.6 x 27.9 cm)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Emilio Merlina - I was born in 1950 in the North East of Italy from a polish mother and a sicilian father. I toured the world until I was 35, then I returned to Italy and picked up again my old passion painting and sculpture. As for myself, I can only say thoughts and paintings, paintings and thoughts. Everything maybe useless, however everything is life. i?1/2The human being leaves its signs, graffiti, indian dreams and imagination. Now I only have left a few more possibilities to express the colors which are not. Only the sign, scratched, angry or brushed is the witness. The sign has passed from there and there it has lived.i?1/2 Emilio Merlina Some hear if a door opens Others hear a latch which opens or closes Others more they hear the Angel when he turns over a page of the Great Book From the novel Missa Sine Nomine By Ernst Wiechert I have words which relegate my hunger And the hunger which owns my body but which do not confine them I have words which are both my confined hunger and body By the Italian poetess Paola Lovisolo ...

Lucille Rella - Color, I can't imagine life without it. We are surrounded by it. Our attention is drawn to it and it creates a variety of moods in our environment. It motivates me to paint. A spectrum of lights and darks, high colors and muted tones get me involved in a painting. The wonderful transparency and spontaneity of the watercolor medium, helps me to utilize these qualities in expressing my art work. ...

Lucille Rella - Luis Guillermo Ramírez Ezquerra - Luis RE. Artist statment. Versus: sobre Borderline borderline [boer-der-lain] s. Limite, orilla, frontera.- a. Incierto, dudoso. A borderline case, caso entre lo normal y lo subnormal. borderline (termino psicoanalitico): caso clinico de personalidad que oscila entre varias patologias, sin tendencia a alguna en particular. "El caracter de la imagen se determina por la relacion establecida entre el adorante y el adorado" Shukrasharia. La frontera entre una cosa y otra siempre ha sido creada, por lo tanto es siempre suceptible a la destruccion. Lo hermoso puede ser grotesco de un momento a otro. La vida tiene como companera mas cercana a la muerte. Nada es forma o pura, incluso lo que supone serlo. Entre los trazos basicos de las lineas se esconde una verdad. La imagen misma de las lineas del trabajo de luis RE Borderniline -horizontales pasivas o activas verticales- nos sugiere ya la idea misma de limite. ?limite de que? Borderline, actual peldano pictorico del aritsta, sugiere marcar y desvanecer limites, y confronta tres pares de ideas, fundamentales para su poetica pictorica: 1. La imagen vs. ...