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Browse 5 Christian Sculptures artworks for sale. Contemporary artists: Serhii Brylov, Paige Lee, John Gartman, Steve Hunsicker, Vadim Kirillov offering Sculptures artworks. Links to more artworks by these contemporary artists and 1 pages for Sculpture% and further artists at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these contemporary artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio. To buy any Sculptures simply click on the image to go to a more detailed page about this work of art.

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Serhii Brylov: 'angel wing', 2004 Marble Sculpture, Christian. Artist Description: Angel means messenger,  one who brings news.  The word  malachim   forerunner , used in the original Old Testament part of the Bible, was translated from Greek as angeloi  Latin angeli , and was first interpreted as a personification of God s commandments, and later it meant members of the heavenly ...
, 2004
Christian - Marble Sculpture
20 x 40 cm ( x )
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Paige Lee: 'jesus on the cross', 2017 Other Sculpture, Christian. Artist Description:  I looked everywhere for a statue of Jesus that I could put on my desk, but I was surprised that I couldn t find the right one. So I made my own Jesus on the cross, which was the beginning of LOARTZ. I spent a lot of time ...
Christian - Other Sculpture
7.3 x 14.1 inches ( x )
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John Gartman: 'in gods hands', 2016 Limestone Sculpture, Christian. Artist Description: life size stone hands digging into the earth picking up stones   the stones are carved into  human and animal effigys   all are limestone...
Christian - Limestone Sculpture
16 x 16 inches ( x )
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Steve Hunsicker: 'Division in faith', 2007 Mixed Media Sculpture, Christian. Artist Description:  Mixed media wall sculpture ...
Christian - Mixed Media Sculpture
20 x 25 inches ( x )
Vadim Kirillov: 'Eve', 2002 Bronze Sculpture, Christian.
, 2002
Christian - Bronze Sculpture
75 x 45 cm ( x )

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