Photograph of Artist JOHN GARTMAN
Spring Branch, - United States

Original Artworks (2)

John Gartman; Native American Cheifs, 2017, Original Sculpture Limestone, 20 x 20 feet. Artwork description: 241 Geronimo...
John Gartman
Original Limestone Sculpture, 2017
20 x 20 feet (6.10 x 6.10 m)
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John Gartman; In Gods Hands, 2016, Original Sculpture Limestone, 16 x 16 inches. Artwork description: 241 life size stone hands digging into the earth picking up stones   the stones are carved into  human and animal effigys   all are limestone...
John Gartman
Original Limestone Sculpture, 2016
16 x 16 inches (40.6 x 40.6 cm)
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Artist Statement

Hello, my name is John Gartman, I go by DancingSun. This name was given to me by the elders while I was on a spiritual journey with mother earth.
My art is a look into the past of the Native American culture. also the spiritual realm. I tend to focus on faces and animals but have done other things as well.
Each piece is started without knowlage of who the piece will be, As Im doing the piece it starts to show me what to remove and becomes its own creator.
I carve each piece by hand using only files, pocket knifes, and sandpaper. Some of them I have been working on up to 4 years.
The medium that I use mostly is a hard limestone, I find it to be the best for what I do.
Enjoy them Thank you, DancingSun...

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