Photograph of Artist ANA MONAGHAN
Kailua, Hawaii - United States

Original Artworks (4)

Ana Monaghan; Touch And Heal, 2006, Original Digital Print, 3 x 3 feet.
Ana Monaghan
Original , 2006
3 x 3 feet (0.91 x 0.91 m)
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Ana Monaghan; Navigators And Pathfinders, 2006, Original Digital Print, 3 x 3 feet. Artwork description: 241 Sea faring vessels are in the background, guided by star maps and nature. Within the veil one can see dark fish which float into the sunlit area and, after eating the sparkling food there, turn into bright fish, and eventually into stars which shine forever and ever. ...
Ana Monaghan
Original , 2006
3 x 3 feet (0.91 x 0.91 m)
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Ana Monaghan; Gifts To Pure Waters, 2006, Original Digital Print, 3 x 3 feet. Artwork description: 241
Ana Monaghan
Original , 2006
3 x 3 feet (0.91 x 0.91 m)
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Ana Monaghan; Hidden Treasures, 2006, Original Digital Print, 3 x 3 feet. Artwork description: 241 There are beauties of talents, character, and personality among us. In a children' s play we see tendencies adults also face in excluding others, who have treasures. Playing with a
Ana Monaghan
Original , 2006
3 x 3 feet (0.91 x 0.91 m)
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Artist Statement

I spend a lot of time in both Hawaii and Japan. Much of my art is done out of doors, while directly viewing the subject.

I wish to idealize every separate island in the Pacific region, and show the local people and scenery in their native beauty. I am currently offering my art to hotels in the Pacific and Caribbean regions. I have traveled 30 countries.

Ana Monaghan

Traveled 30 countries
Speaks 3 languages
Awarded Doctorate of Philosophy; Communication and Fine Art
Master of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Extensive volunteer efforts: Needs distribution and education

2010 Honolulu, Hawaii: Higgins Gallery Exhibition: high end gallery in Waikiki.
Painting commissioned for Hawaii State Capitol Building.
2009 Paintings in offices in Hawaii State Capital Building.
Hawaii and Japan: Commissioned works done for offices and individuals.
2008 Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel 10th Anniversary Event: Island Art Exhibition.
Commissioned works done for offices and individuals.
Contributed paintings for Film Festival, Japan: Heightening awareness of conditions in Israel occupied Palestine.
Better nutrition for children, suffering from bullet wounds.
Art purchases by businesses: Real Estate; Personal Protection/ Investigation Agency; Stocks/Securities; Coffee Shops.
2007 Tea Garden: Painted illustrations for new line of boxed teas for tea shop and restaurant.
Australia Tour: Did portraits and scenic paintings.
Tikka & Biryani Restaurant, Tokyo: Contributed to interior art decoration with oil paintings.
Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Japan: Painted family portrait of hotel's top V.I.P.’s/commissioned by Grand Hyatt Hotel.
2006 Empress Michiko received painting called “Protect Life.”

2006 Norwegian Cruise Lines, Hawaii: PRIDE OF HAWAII
Commissioned to produce 16 murals and paintings of Pacific Islands.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo: Paintings as corporate gifts; paintings for office interior decorations.

Created partnership company in Japan: Highland Services

Art for the Ambassadors of: Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Ecuador, and Panama.

Palestine Tour and dedication of enormous peace painting “Love your Enemy” to YMCA school.

2005 Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Japan: 5 paintings for Executive Office.

2004 Commissioned to make large gold screen of cherry blossoms (7 foot long Japanese screen,
comprised of 4 panels-- joined).


2007 Hawaiian Islands: Painting.
Art Board Gallery, Hawaii: On-going display.
City Club, Tokyo: Art Exhibition.
Yokohama Country and Athletic Club, Japan: Art Exhibition.
Laguna Beach Charity Auction of Ana's Art/ Gift Cards
2006 Norwegian Cruise Lines commissioned 16 murals and paintings.
2005 International Press Club, Tokyo: Art exhibition.
2004 Bold Gallery, Yokohama: Filled gallery display window.
2003 Registered Highland Services, Yokohama: My art company.
2002 Kimizuka Hospital: Produced art-- aid healing of patients.
2002 Suzuki Hospital: Donated use of large paintings indefinitely.
Kimizuka Hospital: Donated several large paintings.

2001 Samuel, my son, opened art exhibitions throughout Japan:

- Chiba Comesta, Chiba - Diamond Mall, Yokohama
- Gallery Bold, Yokohama - Ebisu Comesta, Ebisu
- Yokohama Athletic and Country Club, Yamate
- Gallery Fukusuke, Nagoya
- Art Arena, Osaka - Grand Hotel, Sakaide
- Ninomiya Gallery, Shikoku - Gallery Yokota, Hiroshima
- Gallery Recolte, Fukuoka - Shinagawa Eki Mae Gallery, Tokyo

2000 Artone, Akasaka Mitsuke Tokyu Hotel w/jewelryisplay
1999 Diamond Mall, Yokohama: Art exhibition.
Bold Gallery, Yokohama: Art exhibition.
Marine Estate, Yokohama: Art exhibition.
1999 Ginza Artone (in Akasaka Mitsuke Tokyu Hotel): Exhibition.
(original Sketches of “Modigliani” were shown along side).

1998 Sky Doors Gallery, Shibuya: Art exhibition.
Sagawa Gallery, Omori: Art exhibition.
1997 Hibiya Chante Gallery: Art exhibition.
Jijun Aesthetic Gallery: Art exhibition..
1995 Bellport Gallery: Art exhibition.
ArtArc, Omotesando: Art exhibition.
1994 Foreign Correspondents’ Club: Art exhibition.
Steps Gallery, Ginza: Art exhibition.
1985 Quito, Ecuador: Palace Exhibition at Presidential Office


2006 Bold Gallery, Minato Mirai Exhibition.
2006 First Friday: Art Exhibit at Roy’s Studio.
2006 Art Board Gallery, Hawaii: Art exhibited in gallery.
2004 No War Art Exhibition, Kanagawa Pefectural Exhibition.
2003 International Art Exhibition:Love Your Enemy. Anti-war.
2002 Governor’s Mansion: Open Your Heart Art Charity Exhibition.
Kanagawa Prefectural Exhibitions: Contributed to community shows.
2000 Ginza Artone, Akasaka Mitsuke Tokyu Hotel: Christmas Show.
1999 Nika Ka Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan.
ANTI-WAR art. 1997 Foreign Artists’ Association Exhibition.


2004 - 2005 Dokkyo Medical University: Taught, approximately 220 students, the language
of English, pertinent to job preparation.
2004 - 2008 Highland Services: Art created and sold; Technical Writing and Language
Arts assistance for individuals and companies. 2000 - 2004 Otsuka, Kushida Law Offices
and others: Taught English through novels/ conversation... proofread patents.
2003 JALI (Japan-American Language Institute): Instructor for international business client,
Nachi Fuji-koshi and others.
2002 - 2004 Japanese Mint: Taught Philosophy/Leadership Skills through English. Odawara, Japan.
2000 - 2002 Japanese American Scientific and Technological Association - Genome (DNA)
Technologies and Submarine Division: Taught sales, business letter writing, presentations of
specializations (in English), Japan.
1999 - 2000 Japanese Patent Office: Testing and Grading,...   Read More

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