Photograph of Artist MARY ANN ARCHIBALD
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nova Scoita - Canada

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Mary Ann Archibald; Man With A Purple Hat, 2007, Original Painting Oil, 20 x 24 inches.
Mary Ann Archibald
Original Oil Painting, 2007
20 x 24 inches (50.8 x 61.0 cm)
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Artist Statement

Some of my first memories of image making began when my sister handed me one of those little 110-film cameras. I can still recall the scent of those blue cube flashes that popped and rotated, like soldiers, ready for the next shot.

Like many artists, I am primarily self-taught, although I took a couple of community courses and signed up for classes at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. These courses helped begin to unravel some of the mystery behind the various qualities and character of paint, along with the language of art.

Over the past decade or so, I have worked as a journalist, writer, photographer and editor for local and national media as well as in corporate communications. Telling a story in images is a natural outflow of this work.

I am proud to say that over the past few years, my original artwork in portraiture has won awards.

I have an arts degree from Acadia University and a journalism degree from University of Kings College. I was born and raised in Truro and now reside in Halifax, a life-long resident of Nova Scotia....

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