Photograph of Artist ALMUDENA BLANCO
Bilbo, Bizkaia - Spain

Original Artworks (2)

Almudena Blanco; Plants Living On Black, 2016, Original Mixed Media, 70 x 105 cm. Artwork description: 241  MixedMedia on canvas. 150x200 cm. ...
Almudena Blanco
Original Mixed Media, 2016
70 x 105 cm (27.6 x 41.3 inches)
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Almudena Blanco; Ordinary Objects Playing ..., 2016, Original Mixed Media, 200 x 150 cm. Artwork description: 241 MixedMedia on canvas. 150x200 cm.BlackArt. ...
Almudena Blanco
Original Mixed Media, 2016
200 x 150 cm (78.7 x 59.1 inches)
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Artist Statement

Almudena Blanco
Currently lives and works in Bilbao, Spain

I was born in Melilla (Spain) in 1973, I finished my PhD in Economics at UC Berkeley (USA) and after working more than seven years as economic journalist and foreing correspondent in the USA, I decided to turn my profession into my passion and devote myself to painting.
Between 2011 and 2013 I took courses in painting and drawing at University of Berkeley, California (USA), and I started to develope my own work in my first studio in San Francisco (USA).
After that came the European phase with drawing courses in London and a Master of Arts majoring in Painting at the University of Barcelona in 2014.
Already in 2015 and back in Madrid, I have my first exhibitions in Spain.
Currently I am working in a big studio in Bilbao, which allows me to address the development of large-scale pieces.

My pictorial interests have always been developed in the field of informalism and abstract expressionism. The vibrant and spontaneous gesture and the relevance of the process have always been present in my work. However, it is possible to observe an evolution defined by the transition from the purely abstract to the new pieces where object-based references are included. I am interested in making progress along the path of personal, critical and conscious dialogue through the representation of the mundane, the trivial, the insignificant, and their sacred condition because it is what is present in our daily lives and in the enormous value of the instant.

2001 - PhD Economics, University of Basque Country (Spain) and University of Berkeley, Berkeley (USA)
2002 - Analog Photography and Experimental Drawing, University of Berkeley, Berkeley (USA)
2009 - Private Sculpture Classes at Deborah Hoch's studio, San Francisco (USA)
2012 - Classical Figure Drawing Workshop, London Atelier of Representational Art, London (UK)
2013 - Painting and Drawing courses under the Post-Baccalaureate Cerficate in Visual Arts, University of Berkeley, San Francisco (USA)
2014 - Master of Arts, Painting, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelon (Spain)

next: 2017 GZ-New York, 2017 january Barcelona, 2016 december Barcelona, 2016 november Sabadell
2016 - Group exhibition, Estudios A Tu Aire, Bilbao (Spain)
2015 - Individual exhibition, 0'Level, Madrid (Spain)
2010 - Individual performance: Appearance and Meaning, San Francisco (USA)
2003 - Group exhibition, Photography, Bakrenko Collection, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

2016 - Artist at Garte AYA Abstract Art Gallery, Bilbao (Spain)
2016 - Partner&Artist at Jano, Association for the Promotion and Divulgation of Arts, Barcelona (Spain)

2017 – Jano Association. The Hotel of the Arts, Catalonia (Spain)

The everyday misshapen objects that appear in my paintings are a common denominator in my evolution as a painter. My international experience finds an anchor point in these elements that are repeated from one place to another and become a metaphor of the questions that my work tries to answer. The big issues have not changed along the different places, and the country in question and its everyday items have become a new perspective from which to answer the same kind of questions: consciousness on experience, the sense of being and interactions between social egos, among others.

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