Photograph of Artist RADKA SALCMANNOVA
Brooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn - United States

Original Artworks (3)

Radka Salcmannova; Black Mask, 2017, Original Sculpture Mixed, 13 x 10 inches. Artwork description: 241 Head piece created for the video exhibition at Manhattan Bridge, 2017 , Light Year Decomposition and Transcendence ...
Radka Salcmannova
Original Mixed Media Sculpture, 2017
13 x 10 inches (33.0 x 25.4 cm)
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Radka Salcmannova; Golden Drop, 2018, Original Sculpture Mixed, 66 x 91 inches. Artwork description: 241 Golden Drop was presented during Art Basel Miami at Scope.
Radka Salcmannova
Original Mixed Media Sculpture, 2018
66 x 91 inches (167.6 x 231.1 cm)
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Radka Salcmannova; Golden Drop, 2018, Original Sculpture Mixed, 30 x 69 inches. Artwork description: 241 The Evolution of aEURoeThe Golden DropaEURIt started with siliconeaEUR
Radka Salcmannova
Original Mixed Media Sculpture, 2018
30 x 69 inches (76.2 x 175.3 cm)
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Artist Statement

Radka Salcmannova is a multimedia artist, designer, and film maker.
​She has been remarked for her daredevil approach on pushing the boundaries of contemporary visual design and art.

Born in 1986 in Prague, where she graduated from the Academy of Art Architecture and Design. In 2012 she moved to New York for a stint at School of Visual Arts and in 2016 she set up there her own studio,
RS Visual Thing, focused on art, cinematography, fashion and experimental installations.

In 2016 she received prestigious FCA grant which is given only once a year to the best artist  no more than five. 

Mixing different media allows me to transgress categories that traditionally define a work of art. I love the process and variety of developing the art project and all its stages. Starting form sketch, little drawing- to create a sculpture- or build up the body piece is very intense moment of creating a new life. Convert this final art piece into 3D world by using new technologies and collaborating with other artist its another step and it feels like giving the specific art object its own soul and life extension independent on anybody else

Storytelling is undeniably my forte, I continually strive to push boundaries and expand realities. My projects span the art, fashion, music videos and short narratives films. Five years ago I was listed as one of 25 artist to watch by Modern Painter Magazine, and shortly after, I had my first solo exhibition , an experimental film dubbed  Light Year projected on Manhattan Bridge. 

​My foray into fashion started with New York Fashion Week, more precisely, with my art installations and set designs I created for New York-based designer Carolina Sarria. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was invited to showcase my own designs at Los Angeles Fashion Week.
The show not only featured painstakingly detailed and visually captivating clothes, it told a story.
Because of its success, I was recognized by Vogue as a must-know designer from LAFW.

A year later, I melted and molded my 2017 LAFW-show pieces—a series of Game-of-Thrones-esque silicone dresses, footwear and headpieces—into a sculpture. The sculpture was selected by the prestigious Art Basel Miami and was exhibited at SCOPE.  

In 2018, I was brought back to LAFW to debut my second collection—a performance that mixed art,choreography, fashion, a little bit of magic and—as is always the case with any of my shows—a message that challenges societal values and norms.