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Emilio Merlina, Vincenzo Montella, Jerry Di Falco, Micha Nussinov, Youri Messen-jaschin, Mike Wong Joon Fong, Susan Rudolf, Suzanne Painter, Randall Fox, Houda Khalladi, Jason Messinger, Lazaro Sigler, Maris Grosbahs, Ge Orthof, Diana Drake, Sandra Ramos, Tirzo Martha offering original Indoor Installations artworks.

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Emilio Merlina: 'rough sea', 2017 Indoor Installation, Fantasy. evolution of existing work...
, 2017
Fantasy - Installation
25 x 27 cm (9.8 x 10.6 inches)
Emilio Merlina: 'space radiator', 2017 Indoor Installation, Fantasy.
Fantasy - Installation
66 x 62 cm (26.0 x 24.4 inches)
Emilio Merlina: 'full metal brain', 2017 Indoor Installation, Fantasy. on plywood panel...
Fantasy - Installation
50 x 10 cm (19.7 x 3.9 inches)
Emilio Merlina: 'hackers in my brain', 2017 Indoor Installation, Fantasy. final arrangement of existing works...
Fantasy - Installation
80 x 106 cm (31.5 x 41.7 inches)
Vincenzo Montella: 'Portal for an inner space', 2009 Indoor Installation, Inspirational.
Inspirational - Installation
160 x 180 cm (63.0 x 70.9 inches)
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Vincenzo Montella: 'Portals for nowhere', 2009 Indoor Installation, Inspirational.  for transparences 30x40 cm each ...
Inspirational - Installation
60 x 80 cm (23.6 x 31.5 inches)
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Jerry  Di Falco: 'RELICS', 2008 Indoor Installation, Psychology. The full title is, RELICS OF THE OLD PHYSICS for the post technological age.  This indoor installation was created using over 150 stretched canvases on wood that had been primed with gesso, textured with acrylic modeling paste, and then painted with gold Liquitex brand acrylic.  Each canvas measures eight inches ...
, 2008
Psychology - Installation
216 x 120 inches (548.6 x 304.8 cm)
Micha Nussinov: 'On board', 2002 Indoor Installation, Other. Constructed like a ship with four levels on which various functional  elements are installed. Sails, gong, crane, figures etc. It is kinetic as things can be turned pulled and released. ...
, 2002
Other - Installation
130 x 260 cm (51.2 x 102.4 inches)
Micha Nussinov: 'Untangling', 1997 Indoor Installation, Mythology. Five paintings, 50X50 cm each, depicting figures in various landscapes. Motives are linked through association of ideas. The stainless steel structure enable the containment of the pieces and reflect the painted canvas surfaces. ...
, 1997
Mythology - Installation
151 x 151 cm (59.4 x 59.4 inches)
Youri Messen-jaschin: 'Vertigo I', 2002 Indoor Installation, Optical. Installation Indoor & OutdoorKinetic ArtOptical art(r) 2001. by ProLitteris, Po. Box (c) 2001 by Youri Messen- Jaschin Switzerland ...
, 2002
Optical - Installation
2800 x 340 cm (1102.4 x 133.9 inches)
Mike Wong Joon Fong: 'unburden', 2010 Indoor Installation, Abstract.
, 2010
Abstract - Installation
1 x 5 m (3.28 x 16.40 feet)
Susan Rudolf: 'raindrops falling', 2020 Indoor Installation, Abstract.  You will never look at the sea and the beaches the same way you did before. . .  ...
Abstract - Installation
54 x 60 cm (21.3 x 23.6 inches)
Suzanne Painter: 'Early Morning', 2016 Indoor Installation, Landscape.  Early Morning, and the light is just starting to show. ...
Landscape - Installation
48 x 36 inches (121.9 x 91.4 cm)
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Randall Fox: 'Acoustical Oscillating Memory Higgs boson John 2:11', 2015 Indoor Installation, Mandala. Glass, wood, titanium, magnet( rare earth) , Aluminum Computer disc( plater) , liquid, silver, leather, cork, steel...
Mandala - Installation
12 x 26 inches (30.5 x 66.0 cm)
Conceptual - Installation
17 x 20 inches (43.2 x 50.8 cm)
Randall Fox: 'Brain Washed ', 2009 Indoor Installation, Psychology.      oil paint - Iron/ Steel - Titanium - Aluminum Memory Disc.    ...
Psychology - Installation
20 x 15 inches (50.8 x 38.1 cm)
Randall Fox: 'Timed Meditation on Yin Yang Recycled Memory V', 2013 Indoor Installation, Meditation.   Mindfulness Totem Oak wood/ Steel/ alum. memory discs/ oil paint/ Glass/ Brass/ copper clad teflon  board/ Teak wood      ...
Meditation - Installation
10 x 37 inches (25.4 x 94.0 cm)
Houda Khalladi: 'installation forest', 2013 Indoor Installation, Abstract Landscape.     nature    ...
Abstract Landscape - Installation
100 x 70 cm (39.4 x 27.6 inches)
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Jason Messinger: 'Spring Madrigal', 2008 Indoor Installation, Abstract.  Text, letters, calligraphy, green, amber, yellow, language, writing, ceramic, tile, tiles, mural              ...
Abstract - Installation
50 x 50 inches (127.0 x 127.0 cm)
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Lazaro Sigler: 'country style ', 2009 Indoor Installation, Famous People.  Inspired by images from vintage photographs, ambrotypes, tintypes and daguerreotypes from the early 20th century pleasure anonymous images. In some cases life- size portraits, mostly charcoal on canvas or canvas aesthetic results following the photography used in the study and this current formalisms themselves, evoking a sense of presence. I...
Famous People - Installation
54 x 74 inches (137.2 x 188.0 cm)
Maris Grosbahs: 'Vasted documentation Trip', 2009 Indoor Installation, undecided.   A piece made from the amateur film made in mid 70ties in Soviet Union. In the installation wrinkled prints where put together to make one large image ...
undecided - Installation
25 x 0.8 m (82.02 x 2.62 feet)
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Ge Orthof: 'sonhadores sonadores', 2010 Indoor Installation, Spiritual.
Spiritual - Installation
1.5 x 1 m (4.92 x 3.28 feet)
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Diana Drake: 'Untitled', 2010 Indoor Installation, Beach.   Ceiling flush mount light fixture.  Natural lion paw shell combination with frosted clear glass.  Three bulb fixture.  UL listed components.  Silver finish.  Includes bulbs.  ...
, 2010
Beach - Installation
20 x 0 inches (50.8 x 0.0 cm)
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Diana Drake: 'Untitled', 2010 Indoor Installation, Interior.  Ceiling flush mount light fixture.  Natural lion paw shell combination with frosted clear glass.  Three bulb fixture.  UL listed components.  Silver finish.  Includes bulbs. ...
, 2010
Interior - Installation
20 x 0 inches (50.8 x 0.0 cm)
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Sandra Ramos: 'The dream of reason', 2009 Indoor Installation, Undecided.
Undecided - Installation
800 x 400 cm (315.0 x 157.5 inches)
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Sandra Ramos: 'Entropidoscopios', 2009 Indoor Installation, Undecided.  . 8 Light box and 5 digital frames, kaleidoscopes images Installation ...
Undecided - Installation
500 x 230 cm (196.8 x 90.6 inches)
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Sandra Ramos: 'Paralel Roads', 2009 Indoor Installation, Undecided.
Undecided - Installation
190 x 190 cm (74.8 x 74.8 inches)
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Tirzo Martha: 'Tourism', 2009 Indoor Installation, Conceptual.  How people deal with tourism in the Caribbean region ...
, 2009
Conceptual - Installation
5 x 4 m (16.40 x 13.12 feet)
Tirzo Martha: 'Pilgrimage To The Holy Caribbean', 2009 Indoor Installation, Conceptual.   Tourism in the Caribbean ignoring the reality of the Caribbean people daily life  ...
Conceptual - Installation
4 x 3 m (13.12 x 9.84 feet)
Silviya Georgieva: 'Installation', 2003 Indoor Installation, Interior.  With tar- made installation under the title
Interior - Installation
170 x 170 cm (66.9 x 66.9 inches)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Emilio Merlina - I was born in 1950 in the North East of Italy from a polish mother and a sicilian father. I toured the world until I was 35, then I returned to Italy and picked up again my old passion painting and sculpture. As for myself, I can only say thoughts and paintings, paintings and thoughts. Everything maybe useless, however everything is life. i?1/2The human being leaves its signs, graffiti, indian dreams and imagination. Now I only have left a few more possibilities to express the colors which are not. Only the sign, scratched, angry or brushed is the witness. The sign has passed from there and there it has lived.i?1/2 Emilio Merlina Some hear if a door opens Others hear a latch which opens or closes Others more they hear the Angel when he turns over a page of the Great Book From the novel Missa Sine Nomine By Ernst Wiechert I have words which relegate my hunger And the hunger which owns my body but which do not confine them I have words which are both my confined hunger and body By the Italian poetess Paola Lovisolo ...

Vincenzo Montella - Vincenzo Montella was born in Benevento, Italy the 7/14/1952 and lives in Naples where works as psychiatrist. He is graduated in Medicine and Philosophy and specialist in psychiatry and family psychotherapy. He is artist, poet and photographer. He studied photography at the Toscana Photographic Workshops attending courses of William Allard, Michael Yamashita, Machiel Botman, Alex Webb, Jeff Jacobson, Arkady Llove, Sarah Moon, Carol Dragon. ...

Jerry Di Falco - Photography inspires my art and acts as a vital element in my etchings. The images I employ originate from my own photographs, as well as from the images I find from my research into the digital archives of universities, historical societies, libraries, and museums. Upon locating a documented scene I wish to etch, my first step involves the execution of two to five original drawings of the photograph. My collaboration between photography and printmaking allows me the independence to integrate my personal interpretations into the scene. Moreover, I create bridges between the physical and metaphysical visual realities in the same way that a camera intersects with human creativity . . . the nexus between the mechanical and the cerebral art tools. Art unveils everything that we mask behind our belief systems conversely, I strive in my creations to clarify those phenomena we overlook as a result of our egocentric assumptions. Ironically enough, I blame this failure to notice things, a process I label, the phenomenology of connectedness, on todayaEURtms very infatuation with and addiction to the new communicational technologies of social media. My artworks therefore become like windows through which to examine the mysteries of aEURoeeveryday consciousnessaEUR. In fact, my use of ...

Micha Nussinov - Nussinov's Statement Oct 2012 Drifting, being transient, in between various states of body/mind, like when we travel physically and with our imagination, as in a 'waking dream'. My work represents a world of ambiguity and illusion, of recognized and abstracted scenes embedded as a tapestry of matter, illustrating different relationships. Somewhere in the process of creating artworks these worlds are mixed in an harmonious and conflicting manner, representing the contradiction and collision between languages and landscapes. At all times the viewer is challenged to unfold the mystery, to explore and discover. The works of art are created not through a planned process but rather the starting point is an impulse, a visual or musical trigger. These signals lure the me into the unknown territories where my intuition and inner vision leads to spontaneous discoveries. As a teenager my box camera was an excuse to drift away from trouble, to capture in a photo something, that was at the same time ambiguous and exciting. As a cinematographer/ director of documentaries from1976 to1980 I was acknowledged as an acute observer of people and an highly experimental filmmaker. I have been working in various fields of the arts, consistently for the ...

Youri Messen-Jaschin - Award 1963 1st Prize of contemporary engraving Center of Engraving Geneva MusA(c)e daEURtmart et daEURtmHistoire Geneva 1966 Grant of the Swedish state for study at the University of Gothenburg research in the textil in Op art 1969 USA Gould corporation 1st prize for the realization of a Op art sculpture 1970 2 nd prize for a textile work - electro-acoustic, University of Gothenburg 1971 1 st prize for a textile work - electro-acoustic, RAPhsska Museum Gothenburg 1985 Italiy Centro Studi e Ricerche delle Nazioni World Culture Award Statue of Victory 1985 1985 Centro Studi e Ricerche laEURtmAccademia daEURtmEuropa Diploma of Appointment of Academician of Europe for its cultural and professional activity 1986 Diploma European SchowmenaEURtms Union For his sincere efforts on behalf of the European ShowmenaEURtms Union we hereby extend our special appreciation to. Bruxelles IV73 1987 Diploma of nomination Golden Elephant for the merits that he acquired to the cause of the circus Schweizer National Circus GebrA1/4der Knie Rapperswil 1998 Installation Award Certificate of Merit Research in Op art Angel Orensanz Foundation, Center for the arts, New York 2000 Aim for Arts, International juried exhibition, celebrating artistic achievement Federation of ...

Mike Wong Joon Fong - i?1/2In many of my works, paint is the art itself rather than the paint that created the art. Thus paint is used like an actor, a prop, and the canvas is used like a stage. Paint has a physical entity of its own. Paint has its own personality. I am here to facilitate and to engineer the process. Each piece of my work is a conversation of that process and each process is a conversation of my life experiences and each conversation is about life manifestation. I think and see life in recursive forms, paradoxical codes within the complex structures. My approach is to minimize them into the simplest possible minimum. It has to be fast, almost instantaneous so that the intention is captured in its possible true sense. Spontaneity is spiritual. It is mysterious, unpredictable and always explorative and experimental. Can spontaneous notion be engineered Spontaneity is almost exclusive to humans. I may be wrong but no all-knowing and higher beings can have this experience.i?1/2 ...

Suzanne Painter - I am a self-taught artist, learning portraiture from my mother at a young age. I am still in favor of charcoal when drawing portraits because of the ease of application, and the intensity of values. Charcoal gives me depth that pencils lack. As I progressed in my exploration of color, I experimented with oils, acrylics, and watercolor. Although I love the fresh, crispness of watercolor, I have yet to master the medium. Acrylics are wonderful for coverage,and intense color. They dry quickly, and when that's needed, I love acrylics. But I truly love oil paints. I love the smell, the feel, and the beautiful look that oil paints produce. I love the way I can blend and smear the paint to produce the desired atmosphere or emotion within the painting. My favorite colors are French Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and Yellow, Brown Madder, Indian Red and Yellow, and Burnt/Raw Sienna and Umber. I mix 1 part to 3 parts Stand Oil to Linseed Oil for my painting medium. I live in the central valley of California, and enjoy traveling throughout the western states for inspiration. I maintain my own website as well as websites for other...

Randall Fox - I am interested in making visual statements about the interaction of time, history, cultures, memory, intellect, intuitions, experiences and the spiritual, in and on the human creative process. "inherent in all manifest in the few" Born: 1960 Education: Bachelor of Science Degree, Industrial Technology (Technical Management) California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo A.S. Degree Canada Collage, Redwood City, California (General Engineering-Pre Med.) Other: Art History/Art Studies - Stanford University, Palo Alto California Collected in: United States, Holland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Germany, Mexico, England, Brazil ...

Jason Messinger - Jason Messinger creates ceramic art that straddles the cool allure of pure abstraction and the hot recognition of representation. His art explores the fuzzy borders between representation and abstraction, identity and design, meaning and beauty. Sculptures that are abstract in shape but with a figurative sensibility, and tile murals with symbolic imagery that tease the viewer into becoming complicit in their meaning. The sculptures are solidly present while expressly fluid. They change appearance with the viewers' perspective, transforming in shape and direction. Each face of the work functions like movements of a dance, with unexpected turns. Different perspectives on the work converse with each other, creating a circular narrative of motion and stillness, form and emotion. The artist approaches ceramic tile with a painter's concerns and a sculptor's experience. The idea of abstraction on the edge of identification permeates the work. Images often hint at language, symbol, map, comic strip, or hieroglyph; but only hint, as the symbols remain undefined, transitional. His multi-tile works are modular, allowing any configuration and sequence of the tiles. The murals exhibit a circular narrative, open-ended to interpretation. The viewer becomes complicit in constructing the meaning. Mounting systems allows one to ...

Maris Grosbahs - By creating my work, I tray to understand, and educate myself and the viewer through my findings, even though I do not really believe in seeking and I do not believe in finding. ...

Sandra Ramos - For me, making art is a way of communication with all human being and with the future. Through my work I try to express my relation with the political and social contemporary context worldwide. My work is also a reflection about the specific reality of my country. One of the main subjects on my work is the relationship between personal freedom and political power. Thus trough my work I try to make a daily recovery of and individual and social memory tied to everyday overcoming of economical and social uncertainties. My work is highly relating whit the lost utopian feelings and frustration of the socialism-emancipating ideal, which are states of minds very characteristics of the actual Cuban society. I use diversity medias, according to the variety of significance of each work. I have made a lot of etchings prints, using my self-portrait and a XIX century print trying to create a character similar to Alice in Wonderland. This girl has the function of commenting the resent history of my country through popular stories pointed out by texts. In this series I also incorporate classical characters taken from the popular political Cuban caricature, which are symbols of Cuban people ...

Tirzo Martha - The material doesn't need to be filled with words. It speaks for itself. It is our consciousness that has to translate it for us. My work is a loyal mirror of our societies, a reflection of a fragment from the thin line between fiction and reality. Tirzo Martha 2004...